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RRR Feed is proud to be the largest seller of goat feeds in Central Texas.  Located in the heart of boer goat country, RRR specializes in boer and percentage goat feeds. Surefed (www.surefed.com/goat.html) is our #1 label, and we are proud to be Surefed's largest dealer. With a wide array of products from which to choose, such as the 14% commercial goat, 16% boer and show goat, or the N-timidator line, you can see why Surefed is known for quality and selection. We stock almost all the Surefed products including show supplements.

We have Red Chain Meat Goat Pellet which is a 14% protein; also a 40/40 mix that is 12% protein and can be used as an all-stock feed.

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RRR Feed Co.

Our store carries a variety of feeds for sheep and goats.

RRR Feed Co. Sheep and Goat Feed


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